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Morata thanks Enrique: I told him that my heart is strong,cfnm latest

Just as Mourinho thought this way , he saw a group of people around the goal what seemed to be happening. cfnm latest Although neither side scored in this game, but this game was so wonderful that many people have watched it many times, and even made various highlights, which is enough to see how exciting this game is.


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2 dead and 3 injured in French civilian helicopter crash,hd gf com

"I forgive you, but I ask you to come back now. I want to do a detailed examination of your body." Mourinho finally said his own words. In fact, when the national team was called up, Mourinho I don't want to let Mordred go. hd gf com Mordred was the first to ran to the kneeling Benzema and hugged his thick shoulders.


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